Sunday, January 20, 2008


Where did these last few days go?? I vaugely remember being wacked out with to much to do, expectations to high, needing more sleep. This weekend was Middle Booger's Birthday. I had high hopes of themed decorating, lots of delicious and great looking appetizers and another gorgeous cake decorated by moi. Then I had reality and a mini nervous breakdown Friday afternoon. Screaming in the shower is therapy for the soul. God is working with me to lower my expectations, to relax, to know that a Wal Mart birthday cake really is OK. Gotta be careful though, I relax myself right into an I don't care coma. Will post more on Willy D's party later. Today, true to form we laid around a little bit, however I don't remember hearing the explosion to explain why my house looked the way it did this morning. So we cleaned til noon.

Rest of the day I spent cooking, I love to cook, I find it relaxing, until cleanup time, see pix further down. I bagged my first freezer meal, then started on my second
Here I have chopped my carrots, added garlic and pepper for each of the 6 meals, and chopped the meat for my first meal.

Here you see it all mixed, bagged, labeled and ready to go in the freezer.

Next I made a FROZEN PEANUT BUTTER PIE from a set of cookbooks my mom got me for Christmas, "Eagle Brand Classic Recipes"
I bought Cocoa Pebbles for the crust because I didn't read the recipe well at first, I don't think it matters.

I did not have chocolate ice cream topping so I made my own, and left the kitchen for a few minutes, mybad. I will try this one again though, it has perfect thick syrupy consistency. The pot however, is still soaking.

The kitchen was clean at 10am, this is what it looked like at 4pm. sigh.
Fortunately, outside of some Rotel Dip for the playoff game (GO PACKERS), I did not cook lunch or supper. In this house, the birthday dude gets to choose each meal for that day.
Breakfast-Bagels with Bluberry Spread
Lunch - McDonald's
Dinner -Pizza Delivered (we don't eat out much, I love to cook, tough noogies)

Tomorrow is a holiday, I have great low expectation plans for tomorrow, no where to go but up!!


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John and Michelle said...

Well, I live in the perpetual state of the "I don't care coma", in case you forgot! I need to come more towards your end of the spectrum and you need to move towards mine... somwhere in the middle is where all happy things are living!! ha ha

I miss you. I wanna come live with you.

We redid Micayla's room and it looks pretty but we have crap spilled out all over the rest of the house since we focused only on her room. Two more boxes of her junk to go thru, hopefully we'll throw most of it away.

And YES, we are getting better at throwing things away. I'm trying to not pass this horrible disease onto my children!

Love ya!