Friday, October 02, 2009


Ummmmm, yeah, I know it's been 2 years, no we have not been in suspended animation and Darrel is NOT still sleeping on the couch.
Life happened and I'm still chasing it!!
We have been in Jacksonville Florida one year now. Darrel is working for Servicemaster as a Contruction Manager doing restoration after disasters. I'm still hangin with Grandpa and the boys, who are now in the 7th, 2nd and First grade.

Above is a picture of our front porch this last May after putting in the front flower bed. You throw things at the ground down here and it grows.

I got myself an iPhone for Christmas last year and just found a handy little app that let's me do my blog from it. Sooooooo, gonna try this again. My intent is to post random thoughts, recipies, perspective and funnies as I see fit. Yeah, we all now how that worked!!

More to come (hopefully)

Livin In Paradise!



John and Michelle said...

Holy Cow!!!! I can't believe you finally updated this. Of course it has to be because of the PHONE! I can't believe how much bigger the flowers are now. WOW!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John and Michelle said...

So do we have to wait another year for an update???