Monday, January 04, 2010


I've done this before when the occasion called for it (moving, excess month at the end of the money, etc) and it seemed like a good idea for this new year as I tend to stock up on the great sales, and then can't find room to put basic purchases. All meals made by me were already in my freezer/pantry, or planned from 3 weeks ago before our loss and it all went out the window (figuratively speaking)

This month has started a bit off with the funeral/family, but actually helped as well.

Jan 1st----Made White Chili that I had bought ingred for 3 weeks prior. Hardly anyone ate it as everyone wanted pizza after I started the chili. Chili went into freezer for future date!!

Sat Jan 2nd-- Sonny's BBQ catered in for lunch after the funeral courtesy of my late Grandpa Bob!! Leftover Appetizers and Meat/Cheese tray from my Mom & Roger

Sun Jan 3rd--Chicken Alfredo, Bread and Salad Courtesy of wonderful church friends

Mon Jan 4th--Leftovers Baby!!

Tues Jan 5th--Dinner from another wonderful church friend!!

Wed Jan 6th--Frito Pie- My oldest boy's favorite dinner

Thur Jan 7th--Dinner from church friend!!!! God Love Em!!

Fri Jan 8th--Cheeseburger Soup, Youngest Boy's favorite dinner-foccicia bread

Sat Jan 9th--Church Dinner!! Yeah Michelle!!

Sun Jan 10th--Spagetti & Meatballs, Middle child's favorite dinner.

The sweet gals at church are continuing even into the next week, but this is as far as my brain got.

There is always a supply of cereal, bagels, eggs, pancake makings for breakfast and I pack the boys' lunches every day. I think I am going to cut my grocery budget by HALF this month!!!

I have something of a pride problem and do not like to accept help from others, however I have been humbled by the incredible generosity of good friends and family who have taken care of us in this tough time.
Thank you all from the bottom of my Polish heart!!

Livin In Paradise!!


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John and Michelle said...

I love your blog. Keep it goin!