Friday, January 25, 2008

6:00 AM..................CAT PUKE :-<

As usual, I stumble out of bed at 6am and put the coffee on, all of this is done in minimal lighting so as not to bring on the shock and seizures that one experiences before having had 2 hours to come to full alertness. Realizing that I need to reply to natures early morning call, I head back toward the bedroom, in the dark, only to find that our little girl cat, Oreo, has deposited last nights dinner on the tile in front of the bedroom door. I find this out by sliding on one foot through it (in my blue fuzzy slippers), windmilling my arms, and then tracking thru the bedroom carpet. (*&^$$#%^*()_)_(&^%$##$%#@^^&*()))(&^%$$##@@$^&*^%#@@#@#$%&**(!!
And that is just for starters. I don't like to clean puke out of the carpet at ANY time of day, but especially before the sun comes up!! The day had nowhere to go but up.

Speaking of the furbabies, I thought I would introduce them. They are everywhere you want to be.
This is Boo, Halloween night of 04 we came home from trick or treating in a cold miserable drizzle and there sat the most pathetic creature I had ever seen. Emaciated, weighing about 4 lbs (a cat this size should weigh about 10lbs)ribs sticking out, and a bloody stump of a left hind leg. He crawled into my lap and purred his way into my heart.
Now I know that my DH was not a cat fan, and I held no fantasies about bringing it indoors. So for the next 4 nights I left the garage door cracked open, dog food and a blanket by the lawnmower. Darrel felt so bad for this pitiful creature that he opened the door into the house one night, Boo walked in, and never looked back. Boo spent the next 3 weeks sleeping and eating, mostly sleeping, behind the couch, looking back, Boo was probly just a few days away from death, and needed those weeks to come back from it. Boo would come out at night and commandere my lap. I made a halfhearted attempt to find Boos owner, and was so relieved that it didn't come to fruition. Boo is very much a cat. Stuck up, standoffish to all but me, and lazy. The vet called him a British Blue, he acts British. I love him madly, he is a comforting companion.
This is Mary, we saw her skirting around the field behind our house most of the summer of 05. Toward the end of that summer, Casey struck up a friendship with this cat over the course of a week, til one day Darrel walkes thru the door with her. She was little lean from living outdoors but soooooooooooo friendly, and headbutts like nobodies business, she'll give you a concussion.
After a few weeks we go to the vet, Mary is actually a "HE", but Casey doesn't care, and neither does Mary, so "Mary My Boy" it is. She is large, lean, and lame in her right front paw, we don't know why, and are not interested in finding out why, she gets along great on it. Mary spends half HIS time outdoors and loves it, coming home to eat , sleep and headbutt. HE is sooooo laidback and friendly, everyone's favorite.

A year and a half ago, Darrel was weedeating a vacant house at work and dang well near decapitated 2, 4 week old kittens cowering in the brush. He picked them up, both fitting in the palm of one hand, brought them home and told me to "do something with them." What he meant was find them a new home. We syringe fed them for about 2-3 more weeks, washed their bottoms with washclothes to get them to pee and stroked them with moist towels to "groom" them. Not much different than kids, sans peeing. By the time we had them up old enought to go out, suddenly none of the homes I had found seemed good enough to Darrel. So now we have 4 cats, one big happy furry family, and oh yea, my youngest kiddo is allergic to cats, I think the last 2 pushed him over the edge. They are a great bunch, and we really do enjoy their company.

This is Sparky, or Sparkplug, or Sparkinator. Pure black, long, lean, a tail as long as he is, very active, energetic, and thinks he is a dog, follows Casey around everywhere and sleeps with him, oh, and if you leave the inside of your arm exposed, he licks it until its sore. He is also lactose intolerant, who ever heard of a cat that couldn't keep down milk?? I clean up alot of cat puke around here.

This is Sparky's sister Oreo, or Doublestuff, or Triplestuff, or Fat Girl with a Pretty Face. When she turned about a year old she got HUGE, this pic does not do her size justice, but it does show off her gorgeous green eyes and pretty face. She is sweet, loves to be petted and her fur is as soft as silk, you can't help but pet her. Except this morning, as I was skating.
These are the Allen Family Furries, and loved to pieces, even if all they do is eat, sleep and poop.

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John and Michelle said...

There's the mean black cat! Hiss hiss hiss...

Love ya! And three of your babies. I wish I had a cat though, but my cat would act like a dog.

Love ya!