Thursday, January 10, 2008


Alicia Silverstone I am not, I'm worse. My freezer cookin buds have repeatedly told me I need to get with the program, get a blog, get a life, get some......thing. This is my pathetic stab at it, has taken me (*&^%&*())_ hours to set this thing up. It will be, like my children, a work in progress. Join me in this painful journey as I share my passions: cooking, freezer cooking, organizing and cleaning (that was a joke). I will not share my husband ;-) .

As I chew on how this blog shapes up, plese leave me your input about what you would like to see. I intend to add links that have saved my life, recipes, organization projects and tips; generalized rants, ravings and my "inspired" thoughts on whatever has caused me to lose sleep the night before.

Check out my passion today, doing nothing but getting hooked on this woman's blog and her tru life romance novel....... Dang you Heidi, I had things to do today.


John and Michelle said...

Hey big seeeeester!!! Looks goooooda!!!! Make sure you put some family pics up too!!

Love ya!

HML said...

ha ha ha! It's good for you. The blog, the pioneer woman, all of it. Looks GREAT! Welcome to the blogging world! I LOVE your ostrich. Tooo cute... kinda reminds me of you. Not sure how, it just goes. LOL!

Now you NEED Hello.