Friday, January 11, 2008

Food-WooleyBoogers-Ad Nauseum

Kids are more in less in bed, grandpa has been in bed for an hour. I've got my pepsi by my side and I'm kickin back. Pepsi......Did you know that 60oz of Pepsi a day for 25 years will strip all of the enamel right off your teeth, rendering them rotten and costing $14K in crowns/cavities/root canals & extractions? So far. Trust me. I KNOW. I'm still hooked, dentures here I come!!

Today I thought I would share a photo of Casey and all of his brothers. From left to right--
Dane, Cole, Andrew, Casey & Adam.

Casey, Dane & Cole are my WooleyBoogers, Adam & Andrew are Casey's biological bro's and are my best friend Sue's WooleyBoogers. For those of you who may not know (this is the super short version), my womb was barren, but God heard my cry, and blessed me with 3 rambunctious boys through the miracle of adoption!! He also blessed Sue with Adam & Andrew, then to top it all off, He brought it full circle and blessed Sue and I with each other. We are family!!!

Pretty productive day overall. Floors vaccumed & mopped, Dusting. Lots of Laundry, always.

Breakfast-Cereal (generic captn crunch)
Lunch -Macaroni/Tuna/Peas casserole
Dinner - Chicken Sate & Fried Rice
The Chicken Sate (it was OK) I was out of orange juice so used orange extract. Uh uh.
From Family Fun, they have a whole month of recipes
link here

The Fried Rice was great, will go into my regular rotation. I substituted chx broth for the water and made enought to feed the Asian seaboard.

Topped off by a nice Aldi's Cheesecake outofabox with chocolate chips thrown on top. Yummm.

I'll have the rest for breakfast. Ga' Nite !!

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