Monday, January 14, 2008


Sunday was essentially a repeat of Saturday, naps, neighbors, football and hotwings. We have GREAT neighbors on either side of us and get together almost every Friday and Sunday evening, and unless there is 8 inches of ice on the deck, we BBQ. Here is my Hot Wing recipe. I buy the bag of wings/drumettes from Aldis and double this recipe, makes about 40 plus.

The secret to these is that they MUST "rest" in the fridge for 90 minutes.

I like to listen to streaming radio while I surf. I highly recommend, it is free and you can create the type of music you want to listen to, mine is George Winston and 80's Hair Bands! I threw a box of Aldi's brownies (because no matter how many times I try homemade, they still don't taste as good as these) into the oven for snacks for Cole's class (I'm snack mom this week and woefully unprepared) and another box for us!! Yummers!! Pulled up a teat and had a chocolate fest!!
This is all you're getting outa me tonight!



John and Michelle said...

So... I'm thinking you need to write a book. It would look something like a family collection of stories and recipes all rolled into one. Think about it. I think it would work.

You're awesome at this blogging thing. I miss you. Come see me, it's warmer here!

Dextra said...

Good for people to know.