Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I don't remember my Nana's passing and funeral being this complicated. Everything seemed to flow and progress fairly effortlessly, at least that's my rose colored recollection of it.
This past week has been.....something. It seems that if you decide to die in the state of Florida, you need permission from several people first. Since Grandpa passed Christmas Eve Day, we had to wait until Monday for the attending doctor to sign the death certificate. EVERY death certificate in the state most go to the local Medical Examiners office for review before they will approve the Request for Cremation (which they are paid for of course). It pays to die in Florida, really, not you, but it does pay.
Of course the MEs office had to request records from the nursing home, who were not going to get them to the ME until after noon today because of the need for 6 layers of administrative permission and BS. At this point yesterday I had a mini meltdown on the phone, and the nursing home suddenly faxed the documents. I truly was grateful. I will call the MEs office again this morning and plead my case to get the Cremation Release, if it doesn't happen this morning, it won't because of the New Years holiday. It would be a bummer, however we will have a service regardless.

My wise spouse noted that "It would be easier to die in a third world country, at least you would know who to bribe."

Frustrated In Paradise!!


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