Friday, December 25, 2009

It Is With Profound Sadness....

That I share the passing of my beloved Grandfather, Robert "Bob" Murasko.

Grandpa was recovering in rehab following a fall a few weeks ago when he passed quickly early yesterday morning.

My Christmas is blue with him gone, yet joyous as he is finally
with his true love, Jessie.

These last 4.5 years with him have been a blessing to me. While a stern no nonsense man when I was a child, time had mellowed him considerably. We were much alike, and got along famously.

I praise God for my vocation as a nurse, and that he gifted my heart for the aged. Their wisdom, graciousness and quiet need has always moved my spirit in the deepest way.

I will miss the hundreds of one liners I have heard repeatedly everday since I was a baby, discussions of news, politics and WWII, lunch at Denny's, stroking his duck fuzz hair, and kisses goodnight.

I think the saddest thing is, and what has brought me to tears the most, is this...

Popcorn is lost without him. I believe she knows, she seems sad as well, never leaving me out of her sight. Casey's tender heart for animals has reached out to her and I see an early frienship forming.

I eagerly await the arrival of my extended family the end of this week for his funeral. He will be laid to rest at the VA cemetary with military honors.

Everyone's Favorite Pollock will be deeply missed.

Grieving In Paradise


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