Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's no secret I am:

Tightfisted, frugal, a miser, Adept At Squeezing Blood Out Of A on and so forth.

I use coupons pretty regularly and am ALWAYS looking for ways to make the food stretch farther with this tribe. For not even being teenagers yet, they eat like lumberjacks!

Publix BOGO sales can't be beat. It was a small trip but every little bit counts.

These products at Publix-all BOGO

2 boxes Betty Crocker Au Grautin Potatoes

2 tubs Cool Whip

2 boxes Barber Frozen Stuffed Chx Breasts

Publix if bought full price=$17.97
Walmart price =$12.00
Publix. BOGO + coups. =$ 4.83

Livin In Paradise!!


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