Monday, January 31, 2011


I live and die by my iPhone. It is my Household Notebook, and a whole lot more. I truly am paperless and have my life at my fingertips. That being said, I'm screwed if the world wide web tanks. When I ask the kids to find my brain, they know EXACTLY what I mean and life comes to a standstill until it is found:-o

There IS an app for about everything and these make my homepage, and my life, a whole lot easier.

This is a snapshot of my Home Page, note the Valentine Day themed wallpaper. So girlie and not me!!!!

1. Phone & email. Duh.
Communication for my job is
done primarily thru email.

2. DAY is my calendar app. Kids,
job, personal are color coded.

3. ACCOUNTS is my checkbook

4. GROCERIES is my shopping
list, divided by store and isle
with a built in calculator and
Price book.

5. I have a Purpose Driven Life
and a task driven life,
WUNDERLIST keeps all my
To-Do's and projects in

I have other apps that log my husbands blood sugars, Bible prayer journal, weather, news, Facebook, cooking, Netflix , games and fart apps for the boys to name a few.

It's how I roll.

A TechnoGeek Wannabe