Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a difference a year has made.

At this time last year, my sweet Grandpa had just passed, my husband was about to be laid off (and was for 7 months) and I needed to re-enter the work force. Uncertainty was abundant, but so was the overwhelming Peace I had, that God had it all laid out before us.

And so He did.

Darrel got some much needed time off to get his Ducks In A Row. Spend time with the boys, set a course.
I joined a nursing agency and worked at a medical daycare(and liked it!) and did health fairs.

1 year later: Darrel is self employed in the construction industry, enjoying being his own boss again and the work keeps coming in!

I am self employed as well, I have the blessing of working from home coding/auditing emergency room charts, and it allows me to be available to my family.

This last year was a gift.


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